Software Factory

  • Agile Leadership
  • 21st century Software Engineering and Development
  • Value Stream Optimization

Enterprise DevSecOps

  • Cloud Solutions
  • Site Reliability Engineering
  • Container Solutions
  • Observability


  • Defense in Depth Strategy / Zero Trust
  • Defensive Cyber
  • Offensive Cyber

AI and ML

  • Training AI Solutions
  • Pattern Recognition and anomaly detection
  • Object Identification


Led by two established defense executives, Ken O’Neil and Rob Patterson, ONE Dev’s primary focus is to grow our portfolio of companies, while expanding our capabilities and expertise to support our Nation’s aerospace and defense systems.

Ken O'Neil

President, OneDev
Ken is responsible for overseeing all corporate operations including integrating new companies. His leadership experience within the defense industry dates to the mid-1980s, most recently overseeing all corporate operations for the Braxton Science & Technology Group.

Rob Patterson

President, Business Development
Rob’s primary focus is business development and growth strategy, while supporting Ken with corporate operations. Rob has 40 years in the aerospace industry, culminating as an executive within the Braxton Science & Technology Group.


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